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I Prayed For An Hour, Now What?

August 14, 2020, 9:00 AM

I just prayed for an hour, now what? And we as a church prayed for 24 hours. In May, we prayed for 20 hours. So we as a church prayed for over 44 hours together this year! The hour of prayer is a spiritual mountain top experience, but how do we keep that experience with us after our special day?

Keep praying! We know that God honors persistent prayer (think of the persistent widow or 1 Thess 5:17 that says to pray without ceasing). And watch expectantly for God to be at work. We can’t force God’s hand but we can keep seeking His face.

While you wait and watch, one way to exercise faith is by taking action on your prayers. I don’t know about you, but when I write in my prayer guide sometimes some of my prayers seem like resolutions. Like, “Dear God, help me pray more!” Or “Lord, give me people to share the gospel with.”  But sometimes we can block ourselves from seeing God answer prayer because we don’t create space for it!  For example, if I ask God to help me pray more but I don’t make any plans to pray more, I might be the reason why I don’t see answered prayer. So here are some suggestions of next steps following our day of prayer:

  • Keep praying. Take a prayer walk in your neighborhood or the neighborhood across from the church. (Feel free to come and say Hi to Pastor John if you go walking near the church.)
  • Keep praying. Join us for our Wednesday night prayer meeting on Wednesday. It allows for us to have small group fellowship during this pandemic.
  • Reach out to someone. As you prayed, did God lay someone on your heart? Give them a call or a text, a Facebook message, or write someone a card.
  • Take a walk. Or find some other way to be around others. If we prayed for opportunities to share the gospel, then surely God will put someone in our path. But we have to make sure our paths intersect with others.
  • Volunteer to serve. If we say God please use us, then the next simple step might be serving in some way or meeting a need for someone.
  • Start a prayer journal. Write down your prayers and write down answered prayers. Review your prayer guide. Return to prayer to keep seeking God or to praise Him for how he’s been at work.
  • Keep your heart soft by reading God’s word. If you are new to it or it’s been awhile, try one chapter a day.
  • Watch and wait expectantly. Try to look at your life, neighborhood, work place, and church with new eyes and look for God at work.  Once we pray, we need to be alert to new opportunities the Lord may have for us.

What would you add to this list? Or what little step of faith might you take in response to our day of prayer?

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